Solarized and Modern PuTTY Defaults

I pushed this today: A Windows registry (.reg) file for setting the “Default Settings” PuTTY profile to Solarized Dark PuTTY coloring and most modern sane PuTTY default settings that most would want.

Repository at Github.

What You Get

All of the following are applied to the standard “Default Settings” PuTTY profile. See Usage for more information on getting the settings applied to your existing profiles.

  • Colors set to Solarized Dark
  • Default terminal type: putty-256color
  • Default scrollback buffer: 2000
  • Remote character set: UTF-8
  • Default font: Lucida Console, 12pt
  • Window size: 80×40
  • Font quality: ClearType
  • Action of mouse buttons: “Compromise”, Middle Extends Right Pastes
  • Seconds between keepalives: 59
  • SSH: version 2 only
  • Hide mouse pointer when typing in window: On
  • Unicode line-drawing code points: On
  • X11 forwarding: On
  • Close window on disconnect: Off
  • Reset scrollback on key press: On
  • Reset scrollback on display activity: Off

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