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Syslog Output for Chef Runs

A new blog post category was added to my blog for this post: Yak Shave. It was a small yak shave, but a table-flip inducing yak shave nonetheless. Continue reading

The Apple Experience

My mother had her new iPad shipped to our house for me to play with and set up. So far it’s been a horrible experience. Continue reading

Flickr: You’re doing it wrong

I go to share a flickr photo of mine with Facebook friends and this is what I’m presented with. Gee, no thank you, Yahoo/flickr.

Quality Control : Puppet

Quality Control is an ongoing series of blog posts where I am moved in rare circumstances to document what is wrong with software or anything else I find significantly rough. The posts are meant to be constructive, and I hope others can see through the likely presence of frustration in my tone to get there. Continue reading