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On Home Renovation

A month or two ago, I finished up a pale blue and chocolate (trim) painting of my bedroom. I also replaced all of the 2-prong (but internally grounded) outlets with 3-prong outlets and replaced the window handles and lock. I was really enjoying my work and detail. I got to the door part of the project and thought,

Gee, before I paint this, let me make this cheap hollow luan-sheeted door better with a new doorknob and door stop.

I’ll see if I can fill it with insulating foam, too, for sound-deadening.

Also, it’s sticking at the door-jamb between the hinges and messing up the previous paint, so I’ll fix that somehow too.

See, new solid wood doors cost $320 or so from Lowes, and this house isn’t in a neighborhood where such investment would be returned at resale. Continue reading

What you might want to know about InstaFetch

InstaFetch is, for all intents and purposes, an Android app for connecting to your Instapaper data. If you don’t have an Instapaper account, you won’t care about the rest of this article. If you do have one, and use InstaFetch in any form, you may want to read up on what I found out with some packet sniffing of my own account. Continue reading

The Apple Experience

My mother had her new iPad shipped to our house for me to play with and set up. So far it’s been a horrible experience. Continue reading

Nook Color

As of software revision 1.1, here’s what I am finding to be lacking in the Nook Color or areas that could easily be improved. Continue reading

Quality Control : Puppet

Quality Control is an ongoing series of blog posts where I am moved in rare circumstances to document what is wrong with software or anything else I find significantly rough. The posts are meant to be constructive, and I hope others can see through the likely presence of frustration in my tone to get there. Continue reading