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A Missed Thank You

While brushing up on TCP today, ancient synapses fired leading me to recall my first forays into network programming in 1992. While on permanent hiatus from CS education at FSU, I took a very long cross-country train trip from Jacksonville, FL through Chicago to L.A. and back to Jacksonville, FL via Pittsburgh, PA. Ideally, the goal was to get away cheaply to spend time figuring out just what the hell the next step might be. Along the way, I stayed with people I had met on social MUDs. Continue reading


The problem is actually that today’s ideology of choice-led capitalism, the idea that everyone is a maker of his or her life, which goes very much against the reality of the social situation, actually pacifies people and makes us constantly turning criticism towards ourselves instead of organizing ourselves and making a critique of the society we live in. ~ Renata Salecl

Imagine Language Consolidation

I started programming in BASIC on a Commodore 64. From there it was GW-BASIC on an 8086 PC, Pascal, C on AIX/Linux, Perl, minimal Java, and for the last 11 years good chunk of Python. I don’t really consider myself that advanced in the field, frankly. It’s not my full-time day job.

However, if you told me tomorrow that everyone currently working in Perl, Python, or Ruby was going to standardize on one and only one of them, make it rock solid with a phenomenal standard library, and have a major feature release ever year, I would happily ditch the Python I enjoy so much and join the crowd. Continue reading

Carbon Footprint of World Community Grid

After my first successful overnight contribution of compute power to the World Community Grid, I started wondering about the energy part of that donation, and then the overall CO2 footprint of all of the computing being done. Given our global energy and climate situation, sometimes we have hard decisions to make: Do I reduce my individual CO2 footprint by powering off my PC at night, or do I leave it on and contribute computing power toward solving some of the world’s other problems? I don’t have an answer yet, but figured I’d at least share my “napkin” calculations. Continue reading

Sysadmin-Only Posts

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