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Memory-backed Filesystem for Temporary Storage of Whisper Data

Instead of buying and installing SSDs, storing Graphite’s whisper files in a memory-backed filesystem can be a good way to go if you have the RAM to spare. Depending on your environment, you may or may not care about losing a few minutes (or hours) of metric data. I know we certainly don’t care about losing 30 minutes, so there’s no reason for our carbon-cache instances to be scrawling to persistent storage 24/7. Continue reading

Bootstrapping new Chef nodes without knife bootstrap

There may be a time when you don’t want to (or cannot) make use of knife bootstrap to set up a new Chef node or a whole fleet of hundreds of nodes. If that’s the case, and you already have a “hook” into the hosts you want to turn into Chef nodes (such as an existing CM tool), you have an option. Continue reading


Stolen directly from one of Theo Schlossnagle’s presentation slides:

Discipline is important in any job.

Discipline is “controlled behavior resulting from training, study, and practice”

In my experience, discipline is the most frequently missing ingredient in the field of web operations.

I believe this to be caused by a lack of focus, laziness, that it is a job instead of an art.

As in any trade:

To be truly excellent, one must treat it as a craft
One must become a craftsman
Through experience learn discipline
And through practice achieve excellence

The full presentation, should you be interested: Scalable Internet Architectures on YouTube

Also awesome: Career Development presentation by Theo.

Parasitic Losses

Subtitle: “Derrrr … alert on stuff.” Continue reading

Any-Metric Graphing with Graphite and Syslog

I’ve developed a solution to the idea posed the other day. It wasn’t hard, but here’s an official write-up of the effort for what it’s worth. Continue reading