One of my first usenet posts

Circa 1992, re: Linux 0.99pl4 and the Persistence of Vision Raytracer (POVRay).

To compile Persistence of Vision Raytracer under Linux ( > 0.99pl4 )

FTP to and grab
/pub/pov-ray/POV-Ray1.0/povsrc.tar.Z in binary mode.

I really didn't think it was necessary to ftp the POV sources from
the above address and put them on sunsite or tsx.  You all are big
kids, you can grab it yourself rather than clogging up sunsite and
tsx anymore than they need to be.

Download povsrc.tar.Z to your Linux partition.

1.  mkdir /build
2.  mv povsrc.tar.Z to /
3.  zcat < povsrc.tar.Z | tar xvf -
    this will create a dir called /povsrc
4.  cp /povsrc/machine/unix/* /build
5.  cp /povsrc/source/* /build
6.  cd /build
7.  edit unix.c and comment out the whole function "matherr"
        (I am pretty sure matherr is in unix.c....if you can't find it
        type grep matherr *.c to find which file matherr may be in.

8.  Do ONE of the following:
         -  If you want the +d option on POV to open and display your
            raytrace in an X-window:
                cp xwindows.mak makefile
         -  If you do NOT want the X11 previewer compiled in:
                cp unix.mak makefile

9.      cp unixconf.h config.h  (note: if you use gccconf.h as config.h
        instead, don't forget to change the CC= line in the makefile to
        gcc)  It is safest to just use cc.

10. type make and press enter.....
11. if all goes well, you will have a povray binary file now.
12. move this to wherever you want it (/usr/bin or /usr/local/bin are
good places)

That's it!
You will need to get the include files that povray uses at render time
(,,, etc etc) from or just copy them over from your DOS partition
if you use POV under DOS.

Jeff Blaine