Syslog Output for Chef Runs

A new blog post category was added to my blog for this post: Yak Shave. It was a small yak shave, but a table-flip inducing yak shave nonetheless. Continue reading

Seeding your DevOps/Sysadmin/Developer Twitter “Mute” Keywords

I follow 260 people. They are all almost entirely software developers or system administrators and that is the reason I follow them. While I am sure at least 90% of those 260 people are fantastic, fun, and great people in person, I don’t use Twitter for socializing. To that end, here is a minimal effective list of keywords to mute if, like me, you really don’t want to hear about gobs of other stuff. It is assumed you use a Twitter client that has the capability to filter tweets. Continue reading

Jenkins running Test-Kitchen via Vagrant. On Windows.

If you’re like me and for various reasons (we’ll not discuss) the physical hardware you have access to right now must run Windows, you might think you’re out of luck as far as getting Jenkins running Test-Kitchen jobs as Joshua Timberman shows in Test Kitchen and Jenkins1. But there’s hope if you have patience. I’ll show how I got it working, and I’m looking forward to ideas from you on how to develop better solutions to some of the kludges. There’s not much original material here, but instead of mentioning just my piece of things and linking you coldly to 2 other places for the rest of the info, I figured I would write up as much of the whole experience as I felt up to. Continue reading

Real DevOps Defined: Wonder Twins

I had a “how to define DevOps” revelation last night: It’s the Wonder Twins! Surely everyone remembers the Wonder Twins. You weren’t born before the 1980s? Oh. Well. Anyway… citing the Wikipedia article on Wonder Twins:

If the two are out of reach of each other, they are unable to activate their powers. [...] A rarely-seen aspect of their powers is the ability to break mind control. [...] The Wonder Twins have a pet Space Monkey called Gleek who had a useful prehensile tail and who could act as a conduit for the twins to activate their powers should they be out of reach.

Dibs on the name Gleek for a DevOps Practices enabling tool. And your manager should have his trait mentioned above.

Can we move on now?

A Missed Thank You

While brushing up on TCP today, ancient synapses fired leading me to recall my first forays into network programming in 1992. While on permanent hiatus from CS education at FSU, I took a very long cross-country train trip from Jacksonville, FL through Chicago to L.A. and back to Jacksonville, FL via Pittsburgh, PA. Ideally, the goal was to get away cheaply to spend time figuring out just what the hell the next step might be. Along the way, I stayed with people I had met on social MUDs. Continue reading